BMW’s 40 tonne electric truck

Terberg YT202-EV on the road for BMW

This all electric truck made by specialist truck manufacturer, Terberg of Holland, has been built for SCHERM Gruppe, a leading international systems service provider, transports car components for BMW’s plant in Munich, Germany. As both SCHERM and BMW aim to reduce their environmental impact, the companies are always looking for options to reduce the carbon emissions associated with logistics operations. Hence SCHERM is investing in a Terberg YT202-EV fully electric tractor which will enter service in the summer of 2015.

This electric vehicle will transport components between SCHERM’s warehouse and the BMW plant. The two-kilometre route is on public roads and the tractor will make eight round trips every day. Compared with a vehicle with a diesel engine this will reduce CO2 emissions by almost 12 tonnes annually.

Hermann Bohrer, manager of the BMW Group Munich plant: “This fully electric truck shows that we are always working on innovative solutions and also set ourselves challenges in logistics. Hence we are looking forward to cooperating [in this area] with SCHERM Gruppe.”

Initially, the pilot project will run for one year. If the Terberg vehicle fulfils the expectations then the two companies aim to extend the project. Rainer Zoellner, e-truck project leader at SCHERM Gruppe: “After a long search we have now found an e-mobility solution for transport operations. We are certain that, together with the BMW Group, we will gain valuable experience from this pilot project.”

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