Renault Trucks Truck Simulator App



Drive Renault Trucks vehicles and fulfill various missions: Long Haul, Heavy Construction, Construction and Distribution.

These missions will let you discover the Renault Trucks range:

  • Long Haul: drive Renault Trucks T or Renault Trucks T High and combine the fastest commercial speed with the lowest level of fuel consumption possible.
  • Heavy Construction: drive Renault Trucks K and ensure that you preserve your entire cargo.
  • Construction: drive Renault Trucks C Cab 2.5m or Renault Trucks C Cab 2.3m and ensure that you preserve your entire cargo.
  • Distribution: drive Renault Trucks D Wide Cab 2.3m, Renault Trucks D Cab 2.1m or Renault Trucks D Cab 2m and deliver your shipments to their destinations while keeping to the speed limit.

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