Welcome to the world of Trucks !

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This is TruckWorld

Welcome to the new upgraded and enhanced TruckWorld website, the home of TruckWorld TV and where the world of trucks come to life !!!

It doesn’t matter whether you have just a passing interest in road transport, interested in joining the industry or have been working within it for years – this is the site for you!

From trucks around the world, extreme and not so extreme, to everyday challenges and issues – from what’s hot to what’s not !!

We shall be covering truck racing, looking behind the scenes at truck and trailer dealers, visiting transport operators and major logistics companies to enormous “one-off” transport job that demand high skill from both a driving and logistics perspective!

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****The TV Series****

TruckWorld is Europe’s leading TV series dedicated to the road transport industry ( you’ll find us on the SKY 212 / Freeview 254 )  the first series was so well received the UK’s leading truck and trailer website  Autotrader Trucks decided to become the main sponsor for series 2 which is  broadcasting during 2016!!  

Click on the image to view the TV Series page and watch all the series 2 episodes one week after their broadcast as well as all the episodes from series 1.


WATCH THE PROMO VIDEO FOR SERIES 2 WHICH STARTED ON 7TH MARCH ON SKY  CHANNEL 212 / FREESAT 254 AT 7PM  CLICK HERE[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]


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Videos from around the world,features, news and road tests with an up-to date twist!

If you are more interested in watching news and features, looking at truck shows, watching extreme truck or racing rather than reading about them this is the website for you !

Our video based reporting will cover the globe, as well as from back home of course, bringing you best news and features keeping you entertained throughout the year.

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Explore the opportunities in this exciting industry!

As you can probably see when you watch the programme ( or watch the episodes on this website) both Tim and Rob are very passionate about all aspects of the industry and want to encourage and assist anyone who wishes to pursue or develop their career in this sector !!

To this end we have partnered with a number of liked minded companies and agencies within the industry to offer you the chance to watch first-hand in a series of unique videos the job and career opportunities available in this exciting sector, and you maybe surprised about how wide-ranging and diverse the job needs are !

So if you are looking to leave school, college or university then click on the “About the Industry” tab at the top of the page ( or click on the racing trucks!) and take your first step to a rewarding career in the road transport

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TruckWorld TV – DAF Trucks at Truckfest 2015


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Games and Apps

Read reviews and download apps all of them related to the world of trucks, from Truck Simulation programmes to the latest Android / Apple app. So if you like your technology and gadgets there’s only one website to visit : TruckWorld TV !! Click the image to go straight to the gadget and apps page!

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